Are you looking to recover from injury or optimize your performance? Experiencing constant or recurrent pain in your back, neck, hip, knee or shoulder?

sports-injuryThe treatment of sports injuries and muscloskeletal complaints is one area where I believe Acupuncture excels and this is my area of specialty. Results can be very quick and long lasting and patients usually get some relief from the first session.

When you attend your first appointment I spend time discussing your complaints and record the details of your injury then I will test and palpate the area to identify and name the injured muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones. This is followed by a treatment incorporating my unique blend of acupuncture, massage and structural balancing (specific stretches).

Depending on your complaint, I may prescribe some stretches and exercises to enhance your recovery. Each treatment will be one hour.

I like to do 3 treatments pretty close together to optimize the benefits of the treatment and depending on the results usually we can stretch the treatments out after that.